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Penguin Games For Android

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Penguin Games For Android

In the gaming site for children called Club Penguin, each player has to play games to earn money to buy stuff from their market.

Some of the popular games are as follows on penguin jump:

Hydro Hopper:

Formerly known as the "Ballistic Biscuit", in this game the player or penguin has to ski on water while strung up to a boat on google play. This game is found in the Dock. The player has to avoid bumping in to the obstacles set up on the way. Each time a player misses getting hit he/she earns points.

Catchin Waves:

In this game the player has to show off some tricks he knows on the surfboard. He/she can switch to the survival mode and save him/herself from all the obstacles. The players may even choose to just practice with their puffles. This game is played at the Cove.

Astor Barrier:

This game involves the crazy penguin player to shoot the targets while on a ship. It is played at the Dance Lounge.

Bean Counters:

This is a very simple game which involves the penguins to unload a truck of coffee beans and carry them without carrying anything else. It is played at the Coffee Shop.

Ice Fishing:

As the name suggests, this game involves the penguins to catch fish without getting the line caught in the obstacles under the water. It is played at the Ski Lounge.

Thin Ice:

In this game the penguin player has to lead the way of a black puffle to safety on thin ice. It is played at the Dance Lounge.

Puffle Round Up:

In this game the penguin player has to round up all of the puffles on the screen using his/her mouse. It is played at the pet shop.

Jet Pack adventure:

In this game the penguin player has to fly using a jet pack. While flying the player must remain far from the obstacles and also not run out of fuel. It is played at The Lighthouse Beacon.

For more information, please do visit: Cheats for Club Penguin and Club Penguin Coins

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android apk download 11/26/2015 17:59

I love this game, Itś very funny and easy for play.

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